Friday, January 20, 2012

Monsooner, Fair Pinkum &Teeange Dream Swatches

Monsooner or Later [2 Coats]


A lovely red with orange undertones, doesn't clash with fair skin, usually reds make my skin look darker &this color is perfect! Only took 2 coats & applies easy. A head start into the Summer season. It is from the OPI India Collection, a must have this Summer, anyone else have Monsooner or Later?

Fair Dinkum Pinkum [3 Coats]

Flash | Normal Light

{{Close Up}}

Fair Dinkum Pinkum is shimmery nude, it doesn't have solid glitter hexagons, more like small chips of glitter, if that makes any sense, ahaha different sizes &shapes. You can notice in the close up photo. I had to "sharpen" it so you can see it more. Was kind of hard to apply, but a very nice color, wish the shimmer was more noticeable, you'd have to point it out to someone for them to notice it too. In the above photos the color appears to be a solid nude.

Teenage Dream [2 Coats]

Normal Light | Flash

Teenage Dream is really a dream, I have been wanting it forever &finally got it. It is extremely girly, these photos are of 2 coats &I thought this was a bit much by itself. 2 coats and the large holo pieces are piled on to each other. I will definitely try it again, to get the pink color &an equal amount of glitter on. I still love it, it's very noticeable, I will keep it for as long as I can.

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