Saturday, February 4, 2012

Connect The Dots over Tranquility

So stoked, I finally own Connect the Dots from Lynnderella, most likely the most wanted out of her old collections. After refreshing for an hour &seeing the Add To Cart to all the polishes magically appear, I managed to get it. :) 1 Coat over Tranquility - Karma Organic. Previously swatched, & I love it & cant stop staring at my nails. Easy to apply & i was able to move around the pieces with the brush easily without messing up Tranquility. I put this on an hour before I left the house & 2 big square pieces came off, so make sure to put a top layer! CTD looks good on any color, can't wait to play around with it, definitely going to keep this on as long as I can. These sold in 2 minutes, worth the headache & holding going to the bathroom to not miss the sale, ahaha

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Icing Haul Swatches

Pop a Bottle | Frost Yourself | Birthday Beyotch | Glitteratti

Normal Light | Flash
 Pop A Bottle: Multi glittered contains Hot Pink, Gold & Blue tiny hexagons. Great combinations, thick formula but easy to apply. Photos are of 2 coats.

L: Frost Yourself Compared to R: China Glaze Techno

Birthday Beyotch (one coat) over 2 Coats of Revlon's Peach Pearl. It Contains Red, Turquoise, Dark Green, Yellow & Silver Hexagons of different sizes. 
2nd photo is my first "Glitter Sandwich" OPI's Fair Dinkum Pinkum over, One coat.

Middle: Glitteratti (one Coat) over China Glaze's Light As Air (2 coats). 
Purple Hexagon Glitter over standard smal glitter. Very pretty, love the combination.

Magnetix (No Specific Name) | Mood Swings : Passionate & Shy
Stormy & Serene | Romantic & Relaxed

Love this but it's a little too Christmasy to me because of the shimmer. It was easy to use, the Magnetic is on the cap & has a gap that shapes in between your finger & the magnet. It's a chrome magnetic color, I'd like to see more of these with a little more solid or less "Holiday" look.

I like these mood swings, a very solid finish, Shy & Passionate, the colors are really pretty & they all have a matte finish. These doesn't have much of a difference. I couldn't get it in the right lighting. The first is a Turquoise color (Passionate) & the second is more green, it is noticeable in person but you'd have to point it out to someone the slight change. I still like the colors, really bright & would look great with a top coat as well but are just solid.

The second Mood Swing had a more noticeable difference. The first photo is a Dark Purple & it turns into a brighter blue. You can see when it is purple you can see the blue shimmer. They both have shimmer but the blue has blue shimmer instead of purple & a matte finish.

Normal Light | Flash

 I loved this Mood Swing, It was impossible to get the pale yellow color, I heated my nails up like crazy but quickly changed back to it's cool color. -.- Which is the ones in the photo. It is a beautiful color a shimmer pastel rosey pink.

Final notes: Icing needs better brushes, the magnetix was the hardest to work with. But the rest were ok. I loved all the colors, will return soon when more come out.


So I was just going to get the new Magnetix line at Icing, but only found ONE. But I went with my bf &he likes to look at the polishes w/ me, haha i know ^.^ & he brought all of these to my attention & ended buying them. Swatches coming throughout the day. :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

CQ - Mystical

w/ Flash  & 3 coats
Beautiful Color, but looked pink until I applied the 3rd coat. Has dark blue Shimmer & really looks good on any skin color. Was hard to photograph, the color would now show up right, & shimmer wouldn't come up. But definitely noticeable in person. These were the best photos to show. Did not find any swatches for this color, &this is one of my favorites, so had to.

Tried to show how amazing the shimmer is, but did need 3 coats to achieve.


w/out flash, indoors, but blue shimmer is not noticeable

thanks for reading :)!

Ooak Doll

Finally shipped, can't wait till I get it in the mail :) 

Also custom ordered 2 HUGE (22in tall) handstiched rag dolls, but will not be made till May. Longggggggg waiting list, but im sure it's worth the wait. :) I looked through the makers site &saved a bunch of photos &Photoshopped the parts &color etc &basically made it easier for her to know what I was talking about! ahaha instead of copy and pasting links too all the dolls pointing out which parts I wanted.

I need to work more hours to feed my ooak doll & nail polish addiction!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Karma Organic - Tranquility

I don't see very Karma Organic Swatches, but when I saw this in the store I had to have it, it's a pastel blue &It's a very thick formula &the photo above is only 1 coat. It was very easy to apply & a great save since it's 1 coat! The beauty supply by my house had a 25% off everything sale, &these run for about $9.99.I love it & definitely going to look for more Karma Organics.
"Karma Organic™ nail polishes are non-toxic, chemical-free (no Toluene, Formaldehyde, or DBP), and cruelty-free. All our products are made in the USA and are Vegan, Halal, and Kosher"

Friday, January 20, 2012

Monsooner, Fair Pinkum &Teeange Dream Swatches

Monsooner or Later [2 Coats]


A lovely red with orange undertones, doesn't clash with fair skin, usually reds make my skin look darker &this color is perfect! Only took 2 coats & applies easy. A head start into the Summer season. It is from the OPI India Collection, a must have this Summer, anyone else have Monsooner or Later?

Fair Dinkum Pinkum [3 Coats]

Flash | Normal Light

{{Close Up}}

Fair Dinkum Pinkum is shimmery nude, it doesn't have solid glitter hexagons, more like small chips of glitter, if that makes any sense, ahaha different sizes &shapes. You can notice in the close up photo. I had to "sharpen" it so you can see it more. Was kind of hard to apply, but a very nice color, wish the shimmer was more noticeable, you'd have to point it out to someone for them to notice it too. In the above photos the color appears to be a solid nude.

Teenage Dream [2 Coats]

Normal Light | Flash

Teenage Dream is really a dream, I have been wanting it forever &finally got it. It is extremely girly, these photos are of 2 coats &I thought this was a bit much by itself. 2 coats and the large holo pieces are piled on to each other. I will definitely try it again, to get the pink color &an equal amount of glitter on. I still love it, it's very noticeable, I will keep it for as long as I can.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

OPI Monsooner or later | Fair Dinkum Pinkum | Teenage Dream

First Post! Hope it goes well :)
LtoR  Monsooner or later | Fair Dinkum Pinkum | Teenage Dream
I got these in the mail today & can't wait to post swatches, feeling February a little early. Monsooner or later is my FIRST red. I have dark fair skin &have trouble finding a red that fits. Hopefully this bright red with a hint of orange goes well. I had to try Teenage Dream, I love glitters, expect to see lot's of glitter swatches. &I needed a great nude color & Fair Dinkum Pinkum really stood out.
I'll be sure to post swatches up soon!