Saturday, January 28, 2012

Icing Haul Swatches

Pop a Bottle | Frost Yourself | Birthday Beyotch | Glitteratti

Normal Light | Flash
 Pop A Bottle: Multi glittered contains Hot Pink, Gold & Blue tiny hexagons. Great combinations, thick formula but easy to apply. Photos are of 2 coats.

L: Frost Yourself Compared to R: China Glaze Techno

Birthday Beyotch (one coat) over 2 Coats of Revlon's Peach Pearl. It Contains Red, Turquoise, Dark Green, Yellow & Silver Hexagons of different sizes. 
2nd photo is my first "Glitter Sandwich" OPI's Fair Dinkum Pinkum over, One coat.

Middle: Glitteratti (one Coat) over China Glaze's Light As Air (2 coats). 
Purple Hexagon Glitter over standard smal glitter. Very pretty, love the combination.

Magnetix (No Specific Name) | Mood Swings : Passionate & Shy
Stormy & Serene | Romantic & Relaxed

Love this but it's a little too Christmasy to me because of the shimmer. It was easy to use, the Magnetic is on the cap & has a gap that shapes in between your finger & the magnet. It's a chrome magnetic color, I'd like to see more of these with a little more solid or less "Holiday" look.

I like these mood swings, a very solid finish, Shy & Passionate, the colors are really pretty & they all have a matte finish. These doesn't have much of a difference. I couldn't get it in the right lighting. The first is a Turquoise color (Passionate) & the second is more green, it is noticeable in person but you'd have to point it out to someone the slight change. I still like the colors, really bright & would look great with a top coat as well but are just solid.

The second Mood Swing had a more noticeable difference. The first photo is a Dark Purple & it turns into a brighter blue. You can see when it is purple you can see the blue shimmer. They both have shimmer but the blue has blue shimmer instead of purple & a matte finish.

Normal Light | Flash

 I loved this Mood Swing, It was impossible to get the pale yellow color, I heated my nails up like crazy but quickly changed back to it's cool color. -.- Which is the ones in the photo. It is a beautiful color a shimmer pastel rosey pink.

Final notes: Icing needs better brushes, the magnetix was the hardest to work with. But the rest were ok. I loved all the colors, will return soon when more come out.

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