Monday, January 23, 2012

CQ - Mystical

w/ Flash  & 3 coats
Beautiful Color, but looked pink until I applied the 3rd coat. Has dark blue Shimmer & really looks good on any skin color. Was hard to photograph, the color would now show up right, & shimmer wouldn't come up. But definitely noticeable in person. These were the best photos to show. Did not find any swatches for this color, &this is one of my favorites, so had to.

Tried to show how amazing the shimmer is, but did need 3 coats to achieve.


w/out flash, indoors, but blue shimmer is not noticeable

thanks for reading :)!


  1. I really love this color.. and the organic one below. I've never heard of that brand so I'm def. going to have to check it out!!

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    1. yeah it lasted a whole week! no chip nada, making. Going to buy more from CQ!

  2. Ooooh shiny! I love the shimmer and glow