Saturday, February 4, 2012

Connect The Dots over Tranquility

So stoked, I finally own Connect the Dots from Lynnderella, most likely the most wanted out of her old collections. After refreshing for an hour &seeing the Add To Cart to all the polishes magically appear, I managed to get it. :) 1 Coat over Tranquility - Karma Organic. Previously swatched, & I love it & cant stop staring at my nails. Easy to apply & i was able to move around the pieces with the brush easily without messing up Tranquility. I put this on an hour before I left the house & 2 big square pieces came off, so make sure to put a top layer! CTD looks good on any color, can't wait to play around with it, definitely going to keep this on as long as I can. These sold in 2 minutes, worth the headache & holding going to the bathroom to not miss the sale, ahaha